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The Future of Energy

Traditional Power Has Gone the Way of the Dinosaur. Join the stampede to X-times your power at a fraction of the traditional cost.

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With the Xpower Battery® and xPower Cell® you will get a world 1st. A battery which will deliver superior performance giving you more energy but costing you less. The Xpower Cell® gives you the ability to go energy independent taking back the power and putting in your control.

A new innovation for the future of batteries and energy….


You need power everywhere. Just stop and think about it. As NEW technology keeps advancing the world’s demand for power keeps increasing! It’s a catch twenty-two…but we are working hard to change that paradigm.

We are also working on the xPower Generator and Xpower Cell, which will offer businesses and homes across the world up to 60% reduction in their current electrical bills without the massive costs to implement, all by tapping into the inexhaustible energy of the Universe as it is termed by NASA – The Zero Point Energy field. Nikola Tesla also, was working on this TECH back in the early 1900s.

Tesla is responsible for the world getting AC as well as having over 100 Patents. At that time, he wanted to provide a FREE source of energy to the world. Providing a Cleaner, Greener and Smarter form of energy for the World….

At this stage, EnergyxPower is a start-up and we will be launching a Crowd Funding campaign soon. So if you can see our potential and would like to support the movement, then I need you to join our mailing list and help us to market and promote to as many people as needed. So please join our list below.

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Everyone on our list will be offered a 50% discount on a first purchase of the Xpower range of batteries once they are for sale. Just leave your email address below so we can keep you in the loop.

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I don’t really understand how the Xpower Battery® is doing what it is doing? But I can not believe my own eyes!

Sara H.

It works! But not how I grew up thinking batteries should and DO work…?

Pier T.

Impossible! No battery can recharge itself ever! I’m trained in electrics and this battery is doing something that it shouldn’t be doing?

Frank P.


You want features? Here’s a quick summary of what’s in store for you, your family and friends.

A Cleaner Planet

less landfill waste….

The Xpower Battery® through new innovations means that you use less while still enjoying the same lifestyle today.

A Greener Planet

creating a smaller carbon footprint….

It goes without saying. That the Xpower® battery won’t contribute to the Global pollution for a number of reasons. Mainly that as more and more people support and use it in their devices, the lower the battery Carbon footprint goes.

Changing the World

over a billion people are without reliable power….

EnergyxPower is hoping to change that over the coming years. Bringing energy to those who need it the most. Help support the movement today.

A Smarter Technology

a battery that gives you more….

Today’s Alkaline non-rechargeable battery is SO old school. With the Xpower Battery® breakthrough, the future of technology for energy will never be the same again!

New Adventures

new technologies predicted….

Without going into all the tech and details. We see a future of advancements that work more in harmony with laws of the universe and our planet. And that’s great news for us all.

$aving you money

spend less by needing less….

No matter if you are an average home or a small business employing 2 people. With the Xpower Battery® and xPower Cell ® you will get to keep more of your money in your pocket – where it belongs.

Share the GOOD news…

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