Crowd Funding

A crowd funding campaign is planned to launch by end of  2018

Why Crowd funding?

There are a number of factors why we will be asking the Global community to pledge their hard earnt money – individuals such yourself rather than approach the traditional financing options.

First of all: due to the unique innovation of the Xpower battery®. We have certain obstacles which will need to overcome within the current “established” environment. And we believe the best way to do that is to go directly to the market, i.e., you!

Secondly: part of the initial strategy to get the word out is by using such a platform such as KickStarter and other online avenues, in order to help prevent any attacks or suppression of this new technology as once the “cat is out of the bag” – its out. The large companies that dominate the Energy markets are just not going to like how the Xpower battery® will change the playing field – and as a result they will act in their own best interests, not yours or ours. But instead, they will dig into their deep pockets to protect their business, their profits and current domination. So we really need your help and support.

Your Help is Needed

Make no mistake – your help and support is needed. For now it would great if you registered pre-campaign, which you can do right here:

Next, I would love if you could help by sharing this message with all of your friends, family and work mates. The more people we can get on board and supporting the movement the greater our chances are of hitting the next crucial milestone goal for the company.

So…please SUPPORT the movement.


with regards,
Robby Perkovic

EnergyxPower Pty Ltd


PS: All pledges will receive a package of the Xpower battery® which will probably consist of 16AA and 16aaa batteries. So for a pledge of $80 we get some funding for the company and the rest will go BACK TO YOU as a “thank you” for your SUPPORT!

Everyone on our list will be offered a 50% discount on a first purchase of the Xpower range of batteries once they are for sale. Click the button above & leave your email address to stay in the loop.

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