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If you feel as passionate about the movement and what this NEW technology brings to the world and humankind then you can help now with a Donation.


Currently over 3,000,000,000 people live day to day on less than $2.00 per day; hundreds of millions are with no electricity, no power to their homes, their schools or communities.

Then please help the movement to CHANGE THAT! Your donation at this stage of any size will go a long way to helping EnergyxPower in our Goals and Mission. TOGETHER we can make a DIFFERENCE!


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We want to reward donors who support our mission and cause, with an exchange of the Xpower battery® for any significant donation made. Just let us know your details and postal address once you’ve help the movement with your donation.

Why Donate?

That’s simple. With the current state of the world technology along with all its pollution – I think most of us understand that “something” needs to change.

With our innovative technologies and discoveries – EnergyxPower is working to spearhead that change for the better; helping to reverse our current trajectory of pollution to one of sustainability, that helps to work with planet along with the natural laws of the universe. A future to be proud of – a future for the next generation to carry on without all the unnecessary problems and uncertainties.

So please DONATE TODAY, if you can, if you truly care about the planet, if you truly want to help make a difference in the world that future generations will be proud of. Go ahead and support the movement with a donation today.

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