Q1. What is benefit of using the Xpower battery® over batteries I currently use?

A1. Well, apart from the obvious. The Xpower battery® is WAY ahead of what the current typical non-rechargable battery can do for you. First of all, the fact that it will self-recharge is a “miracle” in itself. Now that stretches current “laws” of science but science is suppose to continuously test, observe and follow the trail of clues tested and observed. Next…it is well known that all non-rechargeable batteries will “die” once the power is expended. But, it also well known that the battery hasn’t exhausted all of its potential energy, which is why you can physically recharge batteries – just visit YouTube to see many, many “hack” videos that will teach you this.

But that means you need to plug a recharger into the wall and use 120/240 AC current(energy) in order to do that!

Not so long ago. Bob Roohparvar from the formerly known company: The Batteriser (which has since changed to the Batteroo, due to Energizer making claims of IP infringement), ran a successful Crowd funding campaign based on their technology –  Batteroo is a micro-thin, stainless steel sleeve that extends your battery’s life significantly.

This means you have to purchase an individual unit (Batteroo) to add to your “dying” battery in order to get the FULL energy potential of the battery.

To be honest, I haven’t investigated the Batteroo for myself. Though, there are many on YouTube that have. The massive difference between the Xpower battery® and Batteroo is quite obvious. The Xpower battery® will recharge itself. No need for any effort, cost or time from you.

WOW! That means you will get the full potential of energy from batteries that are currently being used in all sorts of ways: T.V. remote, smoke alarms, toys, flash lights etc. etc. Not only saving YOU money but helping to clean up our planet. With less land fill waste of toxic metals and chemicals along with a lower carbon foot print. A WIN-WIN.

Q2. What is the Scientific field saying about the Xpower battery®?

A2. That’s at the early stages. EnergyxPower has engaged CSIRO to do some initial R & D – but, we can’t rely solely on the “Scientific” minds, as their worlds are dictated by “known” laws and when an advanced technology violates that, it is immediately shunned or attacked. Don’t take my word for it. Just Google “Cold Fusion” and you soon discover the two Chemists who over 20 years ago were voted against by the “authorities” to have a bogus discovery and technology. That’s since been corrected but the Chemists had to leave the USA in order to further their work.

With the Internet and ability to broadly communicate. It is the goal of our company to get this Technology out THERE in the real world with your help and support – let the rest be history….

Q3. Why is the Xpower battery® only working with non-rechargeable batteries and not rechargeable ones?

A3. Hep! We hear you loud and clear. We are working on the necessary R&D that will open up that field; but that TAKES money – a lot of it. A world where your smart phone, Ipad or laptop will never run out of energy, sounds pretty Star-Trekky. But remember, telling Grandma that you’d be texting, sending pictures and talking to people all over the world on your portable phone sounded pretty wild to her, back in the day…?

That’s precisely WHY your support and help is needed now. Without it, this technology will be suppressed into oblivion by the current established corporations and invested interests. Join the movement TODAY and share it with everyone you know to ensure that this just doesn’t happen.

Q4. Is the Xpower battery® technology patented?

A4. The short answer is YES! But we are expected to go through the hoops and rejections, only due to the fact that the Technology “violates” current LAWS of Science. But as stated numerous times, the verification of claims being made can be made by you, no matter where in the world you live. It will be made by Scientists all over the world. But, it takes a courageous person to stand up against the tide of “public opinion and authority”, but as history has shown over and over again; those who stood up, such as Galileo or Dr. William Harvey, who both suffered ramifications for their tested and observed data, were proven right eventually.  We expect a similar situation to take place with the Xpower battery®.

Q5. When can we expect the Xpower Cell® to arrive into the market?

A5. Great question! It’s a TOP priority for the company to pursue and develop that technology but as a new Start Up company. We are restricted by the funds and resources that allows us to move forwards. The Xpower Cell® and XpowerGenerator® is at the head of our list to pursue, but we can only do that with your support and backing. By joining the mailing list for our Crowd Funding campaign, we can keep you in the loop. Just imagine a power cell that allowed you to never, ever, need to be connected to the electrical grid! NO MORE POWER BILLS – E-V-E-R!!!

Q6. How does the Xpower battery® compare to market leaders such as, Energizer and Duracell?

A6. Well, so far, no matter what battery we have tested against. We have seen SIGNIFICANT performance of energy potential. Any where from 50% – 500% more energy capacity has been observed and tested. Just where we can get to is not yet determined. That’s going to take funding and your support. It is theorized that we are at the cutting edge of a NEW technology that will have a major impact upon lives of Billions on this planet.  Support the movement today….

Q7. How can the Xpower Cell® be used if I live in an apartment or rent?

A7. It is postulated that the Xpower Cell® or Xpower Power Generator® would be a stand alone unit. Which means that if you live in apartment, you can either individually implement it or along with the Corporate Body, have it installed for the entire complex. As for a renter. We are looking at a “plug and play” installation. Which means, as a renter, you can plug and not pay any further electrical bills. In the event you move, you can disconnect and take the unit with you. Something that any landlord would not have a hassle with or legal objection to.

We are a little off from that target right now, but with your support and help…we expect to have BREAKTHROUGHS in the very near future!

Q8. Robby isn’t a Scientist…why has he been able to come up with the Xpower battery®?

A8. Right – As stated before, I am not a Scientist, but as an Entrepreneur I have a curious and creative mind with a desire to make a difference in the world. It was this underlying purpose that has lead to the incorporation of EnergyxPower with all that we are able to offer you and the world. In reflection, I can say that not being classically trained, is the only reason that the discovery of the Xpower battery® was possible…in the first place.

Otherwise, I would have been put in the same BOX with all the restrictions. You have to understand that this Technology was discovered by “mistake”; that is, by trial and error while being curious. Which when you study a little of history was how many, many Scientific advancements were evidently made that helped shape the world that we all live in today.

Q9. Ok. You got me interested in the science of it all. Can you point me in the right direction?

A9. Sure, love to. But I have to warn you there’s a lot out on the net to look into. What I can suggest for you to do,  is to offer a short list of some of the giants which made this discovery possible. Just look into some of the works of Nikola Tesla, Bruce Depalma, Joseph Newman and Stanley Meyer. Those greats make a great start and should set you on your way of knowledge and understanding. Also, I strongly suggest looking into the ThunderBolts Project and the theory of the Electric Universe.

Q10. How can I help support your work?

A10.  Cool. There’s a few ways which would really help support what we are trying to do. First, if you can make a donation, of any size. That would really help a lot. Next, join our mailing list so when we are ready to kick-off the Crowd funding campaign you’d be the first to know. The rewards for helping fund our campaign will be bundles of the Xpower battery® prototypes. You’d be one of the 1st individuals in the world using them. Lastly, the BIGGEST help is to spread the word. Share this with all your friends, family and the world. The faster we can get the word out to the MANY, the harder it is going to be to try stopping us. Support the movement….

Q11. Are there any special instructions for using the Xpower battery®?

A11. Not really. Just as you currently use your devices, when you turn off the T.V remote the Xpower battery® goes to work recharging itself. When you turn off your son’s toy car. The Xpower battery® goes to work recharging itself. But for devices such as smoke detectors that are left on until the battery dies and it starts “bleeping you,” you can just take out the Xpower battery® and leave it for a day so it recharges itself to the highest capacity possible before re-inserting or if you can’t/don’t like doing that; put in a new Xpower battery®, hold onto the old one, so it recharges itself for the next time you need a battery.

Q12. How quickly is the Xpower Battery® recharge itself?

A12. It works on the principle as stated: your current AA alkaline battery will run your son’s toy for 5hrs. And stop! But that doesn’t mean that the battery doesn’t have further “energy” potential. It does and the battery manufacturers know this but won’t tell you about it….

The Xpower Battery® will recharge itself. But working with the Natural Laws of this Universe, it will consistently recharge using up all the available “energy” potential of the very same AA alkaline battery.  Which shows up less and less “energy” potential as the Xpower Battery® recharges itself over the life span of the AA battery.

Q13. When will the Xpower Battery® be available for purchase in the market place?

A13. We are planning to launch the full product range after a successful Crowd Funding launch. Which should be about October this year…. Offering a complete range of Xpower Batteries right from the AA to 9Vt battery cells.

Q14. What will you be selling a comparative AA alkaline battery for?

A14. That’s hard to answer right now. First it is all a matter of supply and demand. The BIGGER the demand the better we can negotiate prices with suppliers and pass those savings onto you. But one thing is for certain. A Xpower Battery® (AA) would sell for less than any of the competitors in the market place. So if a pack of 4AA batteries from Woolworth’s is costing you $4.00 right now. A pack of 4AA Xpower Batteries will cost $3.50 or lower. That’s the basis of the business model. To bring a superior battery to the market at a lower cost.

Q15. How soon will you be releasing the Xpower Cell® so I can reduce my current energy bills with a cleaner, greener and smarter form of energy…?

A15. Due to a recent BREAKTHROUGH – we are currently going to perform some Proof of Concepts of the xPower Cell® while also working on the xPower Generator®. We anticipate that upon successfully testing the xPower Cell® that the company will be able to offer the unit to the Global domestic market and the business market before the end of 2018. Join our mailing list so you are kept up to date.

Everyone on our list will be offered a 50% discount on a first purchase of the Xpower range of batteries once they are for sale. Click the button above & leave your email address to stay in the loop.

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