First of All …

I need to state openly to you, that I am not a Scientist or Electrical Engineer. Now that may or not be a good thing for some, but as far as observable observations made to-date it’s served a unique purpose.

First of all. I would have never of “dreamed” about let alone discover a new form of advanced technology had I been trained in the classical current methods. That being said, without the study of and dedication to the Sciences and understanding, I’d probably would never imagined the possibilities of just “what could be done?”

In any case, I am not going to put forth any theory or give a Scientific explanation of the “science” behind the innovations made. Rather, I will put forth examples of other inventors and greater minds that add support and credence to this new found discovery.

The Beginning …

It all started back when? With the introduction of the one individual who help change and shape the world over 100 years ago. His name has been lost or written out of the history books for many but with the efforts of the Tesla car company along with, Elon Musk; Nikola Tesla as the innovator and genius he was, has been slowly reintroduced to the world over the last decade.

For you see. It was Nikola Tesla back in the early 20th century who worked upon drawing of the forces of nature, of the universe with the vision and goals that would enable the world to power itself by tapping into the very fabric of the universe. All without wires, meters or the electrical grid as we know it today. Unfortunately, the Establishment back then didn’t think that goal was good for their business and so proceeded to smear and write Tesla from the Scientific arena and history books.

As an entrepreneur with a creative mind as well as being a father. I too, saw the possibilities of a future. A future where humanity all over the globe could pivot to change the current paradigms that were obviously not in the best interests of any one single human being, especially those who want a cleaner, smarter and greener form of energy to power their lives; their homes and the world!

It was with this mind set many, many years ago….that set me off into a world unknown in the search for answers. Discoveries that have been made revealing the Xpower Battery® with its potential impact upon the current scheme of things and the world.

Pioneers Within the World …

In order to give you an understanding of this technology. I feel it is important to get a basic “feel and grasp” of what some trail blazers in the world have achieved in modern times.


Austrian inventor Wilhelm Mohorn back in the 1980s set out on a quest for “free energy.”

It was throughout this quest, that Mohorn, stumbled upon what he has since Patented and shared with world in the form of his Global company – Aquapol.

In a nutshell. The Aquapol is a device constructed to work with the universal forces observed and known. Once installed, the Aquapol will actively push any water dampness rising in a house or building back down – all without the need for batteries or electricity. Doing it from the time of installation until infinity according to the company.

I know. It’s a hard one to wrap your mind around. Even though you may or may not be Scientifically trained. But the proof of the pudding is in the fact that his company has been in the market for over 20 years now, has received numerous awards all over the world and continues to grow today.

When you research what Mohorn has to say about his discovery. You soon see that he openly declares that “current physics and known sciences will need to be revised as well as updated.” And I would have to agree with him.

You can watch an English presentation here:


Next, I wanted to introduce you to Bruce Depalma. A MIT/Harvard trained scientist who in the early 1970s started to question the contemporary laws of physics which lead him to the invention of his N-Machine. An electrical generator that was putting out more energy than it required to start the process. Something that is currently known to be “impossible” regardless of the evidences and 3rd party testimonies.

Bruce is no longer with us, and his N-Machine didn’t come to market. Though he managed to Patent his invention: WO 95/05210.

Depalma claimed – with supported evidence from other “Scientist” – an electrical generator with output of an extreme excess of energy as to what it took to put into the generator itself. Which according to current  scientific “laws” was impossible…? He spent decades trying to bring his technology to market and the world.

Only to be shunned and threatened by the “establishment” that didn’t want individual homes nor businesses getting hold of this unbelievable invention, enabling one to disconnect from the electrical grid on his new found Science. Just imagine YOUR world along with all the possibilities that such technology would achieve? NO MORE POWER BILLS. More of your hard earn money spent where it is needed most – in your pocket.

You can get a feel and brief understanding of his discovery here:

Who Else Has been Suppressed???

Besides Nikola Tesla himself, I can list out for you a number of inventors who have all “discovered” some form of technology that fits within this new field. From John Bedini, John Hutchinson, Adam Trombly, John Searl , T. Henry Moray and Stanley Meyer.

I can expand on this list of other creative inventors who for one reason or another have all seen their Innovations suppressed at the detriment of humanity;to the benefit of the Global vested interests. SAD but TRUE. Do you own research and start to think “for yourself!”

Today’s World …

I don’t think you need me to spell it out for you, that the world is being run by some very, very large corporate interests. Which many don’t have the best intentions for you, your family, your community or people in mind…instead, they prey upon a domination of their current power and control. Whether that be within our governments or Scientists etc. it’s control, power and PROFITS that motivates their every day moves.

Myself personally – I’m willing to stick my neck out for the betterment of the world and humankind. Just as those Giants before have all done so before me. Their technology was silently SUPPRESSED, protecting the Petroleum and Energy business’s profits at the detriment of the planet and humanity.

I encourage you – the Individual to do your own independent research. Make up your own mind and then apply that will and force into the world in which we all live in.

Disclaimer …

As stated … I am not a Scientist nor Academic. I do not put forth any theory or science to make claims as far as what the Xpower Battery® is or what it does, let alone how it does it. THAT’s for the Scientists to discover and work out in their labs. I can say as of this very moment, we have engaged CSIRO to carry out some initial Scientific Research.

What I can claim is what has been tested, observed and seen to work. A Non-Rechargeable battery that with some innovation will recharge itself. Impossible according to the current sciences but absolutely measurable, testable and verifiable by those who only seek the truth.

But in all honesty, without YOUR support I am afraid that this “new” found discovery will be attacked, with the goal to prevent the discovery from ever reaching its full potential. History has clearly shown that this is how our world works – whether we like it or not.



As of the 30th September, I am totally happy to announce that we’ve had a MAJOR breakthrough with this technology. The xPower Cell® will be tested within the market on a commercial basis and domestic basis. Most of you are familiar with the Tesla Battery Bank, that a home or business would use in conjunction with a source of renewable energy, which is usually a set of Solar panels. What the xPower Cell® will do is power your home or business all without the need for any Solar panels or other such renewable source….? Providing you with a Cleaner, Greener and Smarter form of energy, that is going to be GREAT for your pocket, GREAT for the environment and planet.

For example – if you are a home somewhere in Sydney, the average energy demand and usage is about 5 kilowatts per day costing about $35.00 per day. Once an xPower Cell® is purchased and set-up to your home. You can expect to pay $0.00 to your electrical provider, and if you set-up a larger xPower Cell® you could in-fact, start to reverse it all by selling any and all excess power that your xPower Cell® generates after it powers all of your energy needs…”that would be very cool to do,” providing another source of cash flow for you.

If you are a renter, then we are working to have a plug n play system, which will allow you to set-up your purchased xPower Cell® wherever you like, getting you the very same benefits without the costs or hassles that come with such options currently available on the market place.

Never needing to pay an ENERGY BILL ever again!!!

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